The Sirian
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Center of Kalagdor





Bordering Regions:

The Theylands, The Green Heart, The Winterplains, The Deserts of Mirion, The Westmarch

The Sirian is the most populated and civilized region of Kalagdor. It lies in the center of Kalagdor and Tirion can be found in the south-west. Every traveler who wants to see anything in Kalagdor will have to pass through the Sirian.

The Empire operates from here, located in Tirion, which is also the Human Capitol.

Location Edit

The Sirian is found in the center of Kalagdor. In the north lies the Theylands , in the west lies the Westmarch , and in the east lies The Green Heart and the Winterplains .

History Edit

Once, The Sirian was the only area of influence of the Human race. It was ruled by King Flynn Keagan the Third, untill the Senate of Winterdune chose for an Emperor instead of a new heir of the throne. Since Kalagdor turned into an empire with Tirion as the center of power, Kalagdor has grown and split in six regions.

At the time of the Civil War, the Empire seemed like it would cease to exist, but since the new emperor controls Kalagdor, all Civil Wars were stopped and all the rebels were locked up and never seen again.

Landmarks and POIs Edit

  • The City of Tirion, the wealthiest and biggest city of Kalagdor
  • Tirion Mines , the mines of Tirion, containing coal and iron
  • Munir , an ancient burial tomb
  • Silverglow Keep , a watchtower looking out over The Sirian
  • Whitehouse Inn , a cozy Inn at the side of the road
  • Seaside Cove , a fort at the shore of the sea
  • Silvergate Bridge , a strong wooden bridge, connecting two mountains
  • Munsilvand, an ancient burial tomb
  • The Harley , a green hillzone
  • Harley Village, a small roadside village
  • Harley Mine, a small mine, containing coal and iron
  • Stonegap Mine, a large mine in the open air, containing coal, iron and redstone