The Kalagdorian Empire is the national government established by Emperor Mavil Marión to replace the Kalagdorian Kingdom.

The Kalagdorian Kingdom, which ruled Kalagdor under the royal family Keagan for three era's, ended after the "Royal Senate"(was it's name untill the Empire took over) chose for an Empire instead of a new High King.


Shortly after the Imperalization of Kalagdor, High Emperor Mavil Marión announced the so-called "Three years-plan". It's goal was to expand the Imperial influence to other countries and lands by conquering large areas and populate and civilize them.

The Imperial Senate happily agreed with the Three Years-plan and so the Westmarch and the Theylands got Imperialized.

One year after the start of the Three Years-plan, a group of citizens whose village was Imperialized started a Civil War. The High Emperor Mavil Marión wasn't planning to stand and watch as the Civil War kept raging. He locked all rebels up. The Imperial Senate wasn't happy with this. They chose for a new High Emperor. The family Marión lost all it's influence and wealth.

Since the start of the Demonic Crisis, the people of Kalagdor lost most faith in the Empire. Though the Empire lost it's people, the Senate hasn't mentioned turning Kalagdor into a Kingdom again

Military Edit

The Imperial Kalagdorian Army is the military of the Empire. Consisting of the Imperial Army and the Imperial Order of Marión (Named after the first High Emperor), it is responsible for maintaining peace and harmony in Kalagdor. Since the Kalagdorian Empire is known for it's lack of enemies and opponents, the Imperial Army only deals with bandits and criminals. (Though since the Demonic Crisis this changed.)

After the Demonic CrisisEdit

When the Demonic Crisis started, the Empire chose not to act to maintain peace and avoid panic in Kalagdor. But the Demonic Crisis spread, even unto the woods outside Tirion, so the Emperor told his people to stay inside city walls and that the Imperial Army will stay strong throughout the Crisis.

Because of the continuous spread of the Crisis, the people lost their faith in the Empire. The Empire is losing it's influence, but is still proceeding the Three Years-Plan.