The Green Heart
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South of Kalagdor





Bordering Regions:

The Sirian, The Deserts of Mirion

The Green Heart is a huge, dark forest said to be bewitched by the Elves. It is believed that the Spirit of the Forest haunts the darkest parts of the forest and protects it's trees and plants.


The Green Heart is found in the south of Kalagdor. In the north lies The Sirian . The Deserts of Mirion lie in the east.


Before the disappearance of the Elves, the Green Heart was an idyllic forest where you could encounter the occasional Elf. But even then it was believed that the Green Heart is protected by the "Spirit of the Forest". It is said to be a pure creature, but it's appearance is unknown.

Since the disappearance of the Elves, the Green Heart seems to have changed into dark, eerie woods. Every traveler that seems to enter the forest never returns. Even Imperial Soldiers choose to avoid the dark woods.