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Plains of Kalagdor is a wide, detailed and dedicated Minecraft Roleplay Server that is mainly focussed on the player's experience of roleplay

The most important part of Plains of Kalagdor is that the player has influence on the world's progress (for example the story line) and that even the economy is player and community driven. The world of Kalagdor is mainly focussed on it's RPG-sides, like ancient dungeons for you to explore and major RP events that every player can take his or her part in. With our various economy plug-ins and various quests and missions you are never bored in Kalagdor. You can buy plots in cities or in the wilderness, build on them and sell them again to become rich or you can venture down ancient mineshafts and recover their rewards.

All of this happens in the World of Kalagdor, a gigantic Minecraft World with various cities, villages, dungeons, caverns and landmarks for you to discover. We assure you that this server is worth playing - Heck, I wouldn't even call it a server anymore!

The World of KalagdorEdit

Kalagdor is divided in six regions. All have different cultures but are still under the reign of the Kalagdorian Empire and acknowledge Tirion as their capitol.

  • The Westmarch - The western and the least inhabited region of Kalagdor, with mostly open seas and yet undiscovered islands.
  • The Theylands - Mostly high peaks and dark forests inhabited by bandits and exiled scum
  • The Winterplains - White hills, white forests and white mountains.
  • The Sirian - The center of human influence: Big cities, villages scattered all over and huge forests
  • The Deserts of Mirion - Vast deserts and ancient pyramids, with on the east dark and eerie swamps.
  • The Green Heart - An eerie, huge and above all dark forest with lots of secrets to uncover.

Note: With the Empire's "Three years"-plan, the Empire is busy with spreading the Imperial influence even further. In the future, more regions may exist.


  • Timeline - The whole timeline of the Worl
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    The Map of Kalagdor

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