This is written in the Ancient Counting, which starts from IP, Irae Paliúm and ends in the First Sightings of Men, HP, Hal Paliúm.

IP (Irae Paliúm) (Religion and the Purifying of the World)
The first Age began, when the first lights crept over the plains we now call “Kalagdor”. As we all know, it is not sure how the world began, for there are different religions which each have a different belief of how the world was created.

Since the Elves are the oldest, still living or still remembered inhabitants of Kalagdor, we will tell their story, for they have more knowledge of this world than us.

There are three inhabitable planes in our “universe”, which all have their own inhabitants. There is no proof of this so called “Fourth Plane”, although some humans choose to believe in it. According to these sightless creatures, the fourth plane is inhabited by one single infant, who is called either “Res”, which comes from the Ressian religion, or simply “God”. This infant is a mysterious creature, not knowing what powers it has.
Unknowingly, with the smallest movements and words, it creates, destroys or purifies worlds. No religious human actually knows who or what this creature is, and above all there is no proof for it.
It is said that this infant, merely a child compared to the age of the world, purified Kalagdor ages ago from the evil that inhabited our lands. Numerous demons were banished, locked deep inside the core of the world. Locked to never come out again. These demons are now known as the “Ancient Evil”.
The only other inhabitants of Kalagdor were the Ancient People. It is said that they worshipped the Ancient Evil and betrayed the Elvenkind, but they were banished from Kalagdor for their treachery.

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