This is written in the Ancient Counting, which starts from IP, Irae Paliúm and ends in the First Sightings of Men, HP, Hal Paliúm.

IC (Irae Can) (Discovery of the Underground)

The only inhabitants of Kalagdor/Elryen at this time were animals and Elves. As you should know, Elves are known as the wisest of creatures in this world we live in. Near the ending of the second age, the Elves came to the discovery that they were not the only ones who lived on these lands. Under the surface, deep underground, another folk held home.

The Dwarves, honorable mountainfolk and master miners lived in deep dungeons and caves, even under the Elves’ settlements. It was like all truths became lies when the Elves discovered that they were not alone. As the first Interracial Meeting gathered, a new age began.

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