This is written in the Ancient Counting, which starts from IP, Irae Paliúm and ends in the First Sightings of Men, HP, Hal Paliúm.

IB (Irae Banaem) (Dawn of the Elves and the Grand Mother)

The second Age began, also known as the Dawn of the Elves, when the first Elves were born.

It is believed that the Grand Mother, the Elves’ Deity, was the first Elf to settle in Kalagdor (which was named in their language Elryen, this means “Homeland”.)
In old Elvish songs and tales it is said that the Grand Mother had an argument with Res, where the world fell apart and was eventually reshaped. These songs passed on from Elf to Elf, and eventually came to the ears of humans where it became a traditional song for parties and taverns.
Not many centuries later, the first Elvish settlement, Arundel, grew into the center Elvendom in Kalagdor. Previous Age - Irae Paliúm

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